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THE 7 Laps Journey

The quickest interview series ever captured in a car

Nico Rosberg is back in the driver's seat for us. He is putting the new SportContact 7 in the Audi e-tron GT to the test. This high-performance tire was created to provide confidence at higher speeds. Do you like the feel of the wind in your hair? This is going to feel like a tornado!

7 Laps. seven interviews of continuous elation. Join us as Nico interviews the engineers, workers, and ardent fans who created this performance tire as we travel around the track.

Who spoke of journeys and tracks? ours actually took place at Germany's renowned Bilster Berg racetrack. With 19 turns and a gradient of 26 percent, this 4.2 km course puts the SportContact 7 to the test.

Learn why this tire is so unique and why it's the ideal tire for your high-performance vehicle by watching the series. Are you ready to leave?

Let's go

The seven laps we gave you a taste of were only a warm-up. You can read about the seven individual interviews with our outstanding passengers, which constitute the main events, below.

Stefan Heine. Head of GTT (Global Tire Testing), Grip & Customer Support

'We are testing tires for the unexpected'. And that's why the SportContact 7 is our most advanced tire yet. Watch more from Stefan's interview.

Keywan Nowzohour. Key Account Manager

Watch as Kewyan has trouble focusing while discussing the SportContact 7 with Nico Rosberg while traveling at high speeds.

Angelo Pérez-Riemer. Section Manager & Test Engineer

You must watch Angelo's interview to learn what the SportContact 7's purpose is, which he discusses in detail.

Philipp Mendelski. Product Manager U-UHP Summer

The SportContact 7 has given the team a lot to be proud of, according to Philipp. Check out the video to see what else he had to say.

Peter Bogenschütz. Head of Industrial Design Tires.

The SportContact 7 is our 'most advanced design' for a tire to date. Still not convinced? Watch Peter's interview to hear it straight from the source.

Sven Gramm. Director Marketing & Advertising Brabus GmbH (Tuning Partner)

Getting an SUV to go up to 330 km/h? Watch Sven and Nico talk about how to do it with the SportContact 7.

Marcel Neumann. Project Leader SportContact 7

'We've never had anything like it in the SportContact 7 family.' Watch Marcel's question and answer session all around the path to find out what else he had to tell about the SportContact 7.

Meet the Protagonists