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Sustainable Future

Sustainable Future

We lead the economy's continual change towards a healthy environment for sustainable transportation and industry

Driving Toward a Sustainable Future with Continental Tires

At Continental, we believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a way of life. We understand the responsibility that comes with being a leading tire manufacturer, and we are committed to taking concrete steps towards a more sustainable future. Continental Tires has been working tirelessly to create innovative solutions that promote sustainability in the tire industry. From reducing our carbon footprint to minimizing waste, we're dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment.

We are inspired every day to make your mobility safer, smarter and more sustainable.


We will be the #1 tire solution provider.


We will be the #1 tire solution provider.


We will be the most progressive tire company in terms of environmental and social responsibility.


We are Tires. Each and every one of us takes ownership. We will win as one global team.

Sustainability Journey with Continental Tires

Over the next few episodes, we will explorer the innovative solutions & partnerships that will drive Continental Sustainability goals forward along with Continental Vision 2050.

Sustainable Future

Carbon Balance

We aspire for complete carbon neutrality across our whole value chain.

Industry and Emission-Free Mobility

We aim towards zero-emission mobility and industry.

Economics of the Circular

We aim for completely closed resource and product cycles

Chain of Responsibility for Value

We aim for completely responsible sourcing and commercial collaborations.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental protection is a fixed component of our company policy.
For us the economy and the environment need not be mutually exclusive:
they can form the basis of sustainable value creation at Continental.

At Continental, the “Corporate Quality and Environment” department, which reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for environmental protection. It is there that the corporation's strategic specifications for environmental protection are developed and issued to the divisions. In some regions, the local environmental managers simultaneously have authority over environmental protection matters on a regional basis.

With its lean organization, Continental is able to communicate its strategic goals directly, and to implement them efficiently. At the same time, the divisional structure of the environmental protection function ensures the necessary freedom for specific ecological requirements within the corporation’s various fields of activity.

Management of the Environment and Energy

Continental faces another managerial challenge: environmental preservation. In 1992, we implemented the first environmental management system in our organization.

Climate Security

Climate preservation is an important aspect of our ecological and social responsibilities. Our goods and technology bore testament to this as well.

Product accountability

Our accountability for our products extends throughout their full life cycle.

At Continental Tires, we're dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and driving toward a sustainable future. Join us in our journey towards a better world.

Sustainable Materials: We're constantly researching and developing new materials that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We have reduced the use of non-renewable raw materials in our tires and are actively exploring alternatives to traditional materials.

Recycling and Reuse: We're committed to minimizing waste and maximizing the reuse of materials wherever possible. We have implemented a tire recycling program that recycles end-of-life tires, reducing landfill waste and providing resources for new products.

Energy Efficiency: We're actively working to reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We've implemented energy-efficient practices in our factories and offices, and we're continuously seeking ways to improve our processes and reduce our impact on the environment.

Community Engagement: We believe that sustainability is a collective effort, and we're committed to engaging with our communities to promote environmental awareness and responsibility. We work with local organizations to support environmental initiatives, and we encourage our employees to participate in sustainable practices both inside and outside the workplace.